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Is Now The Best Time To Buy A 2499, Or The Worst?

Ask many vintage fake watch lovers about what the holy grail wristwatch is (as a reference, not an individual watch) and more times than not, you're likely to hear the reply: twenty-four ninety-nine. Indeed, the 2499, Patek's second perpetual calendar chronograph, has taken on somewhat mythical place in the world of collecting. It seems as though the large vintage perpetual chronograph made for over 35 years, but in just 349 examples, is on the tip of everyone's tongue this auction season ?one sits on the cover of two out of the four major auction house catalogs. In total, five, yes five, 2499s will be sold during the spring auction week in early May. This begs the question ?is now the best time in the world to buy a 2499? Or is it the worst?

Now one could look at this any number of ways. Five 2499s coming up for sale in one week, all within a few square miles of each other, which is super exciting for a casual observer. These are five dream watches, and in so many different varieties! We've got a Tiffany-signed fourth series from Antiquorum, a Gobbi-signed third series from Sotheby's, and a Beyer-signed fourth series from Phillips. Then we have two more fourth series watches, one from Sotheby's and finally a full, full set from Christie's. So many options is certainly a great thing, isn't it? Or does it make a would-be buyer a little nervous about the long-term collectability of this mega-reference if so many are available all at once? I mean, these are supposed to be rare, aren't they? And we have five options in one week? And that is not to speak of the 2499s available at high-end retailers like replica watches in Rome, or Madison Fine Time.

In no way do I mean to cast any shadow on the supreme desirability of the 2499 ?it is indeed one of my own dream replica watches ?and its legacy, one we documented in our very first Reference Points feature ?is remarkable. But come on, five in one week?

Let's have a look at all the options and before we go further, we must say that we have not seen most of these replica watches in person so there will be no discussion of fake watch condition, which as we all know, is the biggest value driver in a fake watch like this.

Patek Philippe Reference 2499/100 Retailed By Beyer ?Movement Number 869284

The first fake watch we'll look at is offered by Phillips. It is a 2499/100, or in other words, a fourth-series watch. This particular example was offered by Beyer in Zurich, and comes with original box, papers, and extract. The condition is superb, and Phillips has an estimate of 300,000 to 500,000 CHF. You can read more about it here.

Patek Philippe Reference 2499/100 Retailed By Tiffany & Co. ?Movement Number 869277

If you'd prefer an American signature to Swiss, Antiquorum has another fourth-series watch, this time retailed by New York's Tiffany & Co. This fake watch is just seven serial numbers away from the Beyer piece above. The estimate again is 300,000 to 500,000 Swiss, though this piece comes with extract and not original box and papers. More here.

Patek Philippe Reference 2499 Retailed By Gobbi Milano ?Movement Number 869447

If Italian is more your thing, Sotheby's has a third-series fake watch retailed by Gobbi Milano. Being an earlier fake watch has its charms, certainly, though we lose sapphire glass in this case, as that was only offered in the 2499/100 watches. Still, earlier and Italian has appeal, though there appears to be some damage to the dial around the date apertures and moonphase on this watch. Again, no box and papers here, just an extract. The estimate from Sotheby's is 200,000 to 300,000 CHF. More here.

Patek Philippe Reference 2499/100 ?Movement Number 869258

Sotheby's has another 2499 for sale, this time unsigned by a retailer and a later fourth-series watch. This piece is within 30 numbers from the other fourth-series replica watches above and appear to be fake watch only. The estimate is 200,000 to 400,000. Why a difference in estimates from the Gobbi watch? Likely due just how each consignor would be made happy. More on this one here.

Patek Philippe Reference 2499/100 ?Movement Number 869402

Finally, Christie's offers up what has to be one of the most complete 2499s ever at auction. This is a fourth-series fake watch but when we say it's complete, we mean this bad boy is Complete, with a capital "C." It comes with not only boxes and papers, but several spare parts, including day and date discs in different languages, brochures, and more. The estimate here is 400,000 to 800,000 and you can read more about it here.

Oh, And A Spare Dial For A 2499

While the full-set 2499 from Christie's is lot No. 308, this dial is lot No. 308A. Alone, it holds an estimate of 20,000 to 40,000 Swiss. HOWEVER, after the sale of 308 (the 2499) and 308A (the spare dial for a 2499), the two lots will be offered up together at the combined hammer price of the two. Should someone decide to bid higher than the combined prices of 308 and 308A, he or she will take them both. A strange tactic indeed. You can read more about this spare dial for a 2499 here.

Is Now The Best Time To Buy A 2499, Or Is It The Worst?

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